Building Plans, February 2013

(note: click on any image to enlarge)

    The lower floor of our new building will include:

    • new nursery and pre-school classroom
    • elevator to ground floor
    • space for future development of facilities for youth activities
    • separated classrooms in existing lower hall
    • storage space

    Once the lower floor has been constructed, the ground floor will begin to take shape. The ground floor will include:

    • larger narthex for welcoming members and visitors, including coffee bar for fellowship after church services
    • elevator to the lower floor
    • two handicapped-accessible washrooms
    • library/meeting room
    • new volunteer room
    • storage room

    The outside of the building will include:

    • covered front entrance
    • handicapped-accessible side entrance to lower level

    Here's what we will look like from the outside - front, south side (looking from front), south side (looking from back), and back:

    An aerial view (called a site plan) will look like this:

    No parking space will be lost!


(picture @ top: new construction, September 15, 2015)




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