Building Plans, September 2010

    Proposed Design - Site Plan

    Option 1

    • Believed to be within the budget established ($550,000)
    • Some limitations because of budget
    • Smaller fellowship area
    • Fewer classrooms
    • Amount of renovation on Lower Level is less than option 2.
    main level:
    • A new front entrance with drive up access.
    • Fellowship gathering area in narthex
    • Christian Education - three classrooms and a "Gathering Area" that can be used for Sunday Morning coffee fellowship and similar activities.
    • A kitchenette to serve the gathering area.
    • Washrooms.
    • Meditation room/Library.

    lower level:

    • Nursery/Pre-school area
    • Youth Ministry office
    • Fellowship Hall unchanged
    • New stairway and storage area

    Option 2

    • "The Cadillac": estimated to cost close to $1,000,000
    main level:
    • A new front entrance with drive up access
    • A Fellowship Hall of the same size as the current Fellowship Hall, and appropriate storage space
    • A new kitchen and washrooms
    • A Meditation Room/Library
    lower level:
    The current Lower Level would undergo extensive renovation to include:
    • Nursery - in the space currently occupied by the Meeting Room, Music office and Kitchen
    • Christian Education space: 4 classrooms and Youth Program space
    • Youth Ministry office - in the current Library Space

    Option 3

    • Same plan as Option 1 but additional 500 square feet is added to main level to expand fellowship space
    • Estimated additional cost - $110,000


(picture @ top: new construction, September 15, 2015)




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