Building Plans, early November 2013

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    The Mulvagh Wing will be torn down. Construction will then proceed to build a new facility on the same footprint of the Mulvagh Wing.

    The Facility Planning teamís goal in the revisions presented in November was to improve on the February drawings by incorporating various suggestions and basic improvements. Cost reduction was not a consideration at this point.

    Major changes on ground floor (or main) level

    1. Gathering space

    • Reduced frontal exposure but now extends a little deeper towards office area
    • Some reduction in height
    • Stairwell to lower level moved towards foyer

    2. Foyer

    • Protection for entrance to proposed foyer
    • From foyer, direct access to stairs, elevator and coat area
    • Handicapped entrance now via foyer

    3. Other

    • Current Volunteer Office moved to current Youth Ministry Office
    • Slight reduction in size of office for the Administrative Assistant
    • Meeting room and library now combined
    • Nursery and pre-school area now on main floor
    • New financial and file office

    Major changes to Lower level (basement)

    • Unfinished/low headroom area due to foyer and level of expected underlying rock
    • Three classrooms instead of one in lower level
    • Foyer and additional coat storage outside of Fellowship Hall

    Here's what we will look like from the outside...


    south side (looking from front)...

    south side (looking from back)...


    Our goal is to glorify God in the use of our building, not only for the people of Parkwood Presbyterian Church, but for the whole community of Parkwood Hills.


    We would be most grateful and encouraged if you would be a part of our "Building to Serve" Building Project 2013-14 by:

    • Praying for us.
    • Donating a financial gift (see donate, pledge pages).
    • Telling your friends about our project.


(picture @ top: new construction, September 15, 2015)




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