Unity and Diversity

    In recent years, the subject of human sexuality has been under discussion within The Presbyterian Church in Canada. Various papers were distributed for study in 2017, and the session of Parkwood Church offered its considered response, as requested. To this point, no changes to the church's doctrine or practice have been made. The General Assembly in June 2018, aware that the national church is presently not of one mind on the subject, and that any decision either to reaffirm or to change the doctrine of the church has the potential to fracture the church, referred the whole matter to a special committee of former moderators of the Assembly. The Assembly also received from the Committee on Church Doctrine a study paper on the broader quesiton of unity and diversity within the church, which is designed to help the church explore from a wider perspective (not limited to the subject of human sexuality) what the unity of the church means and what the limits of diversity within the church are. The Assembly has requested sessions and presbyteries to study and report to the special committee of former moderators by January 31, 2019 any comments on this question of unity and diversity.

    The study paper "On the question of unity and diversity" is available here and a printed copy may be obtained from the church office or by asking any elder. The session invites anyone wishing to offer comments to speak to their elder or to the minister. The session plans to review the paper early in the new year and submit a response.

      James T. Hurd,
      November 8, 2018


(picture @ top: commissioners gathered at 2018 General Assembly)



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